3 Days in Prague 

Hello again! Due to my flight schedule I was only able to have 3 full days in prague, but it was enough for me anyway. The city I've done a lot of walking around since I've been away, my hotel was pretty central so i didnt need to use public transport while I was there.… Continue reading 3 Days in Prague¬†


Learning my way Through my First Season

Yeah I know, who am I right now to tell anyone how to tend to their garden? I don't even have a ground to grow into yet. But fret not. I'm not here to preach, or even teach anyone anything because I really don't have the experience and wouldn't try and act like I do.… Continue reading Learning my way Through my First Season



I NEED YOUR HELP!! I mentioned the other day that I acquired a variety of chilli plants that had seen better days. I have however managed to revive them and they're all looking reasonably well. BUT I've noticed that something is nibbling on them!! As I'm sitting writing this I'm watching The Chelsea Flower Show… Continue reading CALLING ALL GARDENERS!