Experimenting with Cuttings

Now, really, I have no idea what I'm doing when I'm fiddling around with my plants, but isn't that most of the fun? Although I haven't exactly branched out and tried to do anything thats never been done before or grow a new breed of courgette just yet, I did my first mini experiment the… Continue reading Experimenting with Cuttings


A New Garden to Play With

Its been so long!! SORRY!! I have been SUPER busy since we came back from Gran Caneria. Within days of getting home we had to pack up our whole house and move to our new place, then it was my 21st Birthday 4 days later, I had a party to celebrate that weekend and then… Continue reading A New Garden to Play With


A Well Needed BreakĀ 

Currently sitting on the balcony of my hotel room in Las Palmas, Gran Caneria overlooking matthew and his brothers wrestling in the pool.  It's our last full day here today so I thought I would check in. I wanted to bring a notebook with me to do some writing while I was here but I… Continue reading A Well Needed BreakĀ 


Learning my way Through my First Season

Yeah I know, who am I right now to tell anyone how to tend to their garden? I don't even have a ground to grow into yet. But fret not. I'm not here to preach, or even teach anyone anything because I really don't have the experience and wouldn't try and act like I do.… Continue reading Learning my way Through my First Season


Tomato Transplant

All of my seedlings/young plants seem to be doing really well, despite the weather being very temperamental recently. Im still waiting for 4 seeds to germinate, which is very late on in the season and I'll be lucky to get much out of them, but its mainly about the experimentation and learning process at this… Continue reading Tomato Transplant


My Container Garden

As I'm new to gardening and have no real experience, I'm taking things slowly and learning which plant needs what type of care, one mistake at a time. Originally, in around March/April, I first started to grow some veg but didn't take much consideration into what I was doing. I got a bag of cutting/sowing… Continue reading My Container Garden



I NEED YOUR HELP!! I mentioned the other day that I acquired a variety of chilli plants that had seen better days. I have however managed to revive them and they're all looking reasonably well. BUT I've noticed that something is nibbling on them!! As I'm sitting writing this I'm watching The Chelsea Flower Show… Continue reading CALLING ALL GARDENERS!


A Day in the Garden

I mentioned in my previous post that I've spent a fun filled day hard at work in my garden repotting some plants that I got for free from work last night, as well as tending to some seedlings. Due to the plants being unsellable (one due to them starting to die, the other I'm not… Continue reading A Day in the Garden


Perks of a Garden Centre

Good evening! Today I have spent a wonderful day off work doing what I love.. Gardening! The weather has been glorious up here in Newcastle and I couldn't be more thankful. Working in a garden centre has plenty of ups and downs and I thought I would use today to let you in on some… Continue reading Perks of a Garden Centre


Something Smells Like Garlic!

Or rather.. It doesn't. As Ive mentioned, I'm a novice gardener with a very low to almost no success rate (but I'm working on it.) Matthew has proved to be slightly more successful in growing some herbs since we've lived together, a few of which have really flourished and taken off. He decided to plant… Continue reading Something Smells Like Garlic!