I NEED YOUR HELP!! I mentioned the other day that I acquired a variety of chilli plants that had seen better days. I have however managed to revive them and they're all looking reasonably well. BUT I've noticed that something is nibbling on them!! As I'm sitting writing this I'm watching The Chelsea Flower Show… Continue reading CALLING ALL GARDENERS!


The Anniversary

So there it is. The first anniversary. exactly one year ago today I was in the hospital holding your hand as you slowly got colder and colder. I still remember the frost overtaking your lips and the look on your face vividly. But thats not how I want to remember you. Today I want to… Continue reading The Anniversary

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The Painting

If you read my 2017 Bucket list you may have noticed that in the Be more creative section I included a painting of a naked woman wearing a gas mask... This one to be more exact. This lady is my mum. When mum was first diagnosed with breast cancer I was nearing the end of… Continue reading The Painting


A Day in the Garden

I mentioned in my previous post that I've spent a fun filled day hard at work in my garden repotting some plants that I got for free from work last night, as well as tending to some seedlings. Due to the plants being unsellable (one due to them starting to die, the other I'm not… Continue reading A Day in the Garden


Perks of a Garden Centre

Good evening! Today I have spent a wonderful day off work doing what I love.. Gardening! The weather has been glorious up here in Newcastle and I couldn't be more thankful. Working in a garden centre has plenty of ups and downs and I thought I would use today to let you in on some… Continue reading Perks of a Garden Centre

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Spring Clean!

After last night, when I felt so down, out and absolutely awful I woke up this morning feeling the need for a refresh. So I dragged myself up at half 9 to the sound of midge meowing at my door for breakfast. I got myself dressed and did my makeup nice to make myself feel… Continue reading Spring Clean!


2017 Bucket List

As this post is only a 2017 bucket list I'm going to treat it more as a 'Goals list' for the year instead. As were already in may (which is absolutely crazy) and new years resolutions have been and gone there's still lots that I'd like to achieve throughout the rest of the year and… Continue reading 2017 Bucket List


Something Smells Like Garlic!

Or rather.. It doesn't. As Ive mentioned, I'm a novice gardener with a very low to almost no success rate (but I'm working on it.) Matthew has proved to be slightly more successful in growing some herbs since we've lived together, a few of which have really flourished and taken off. He decided to plant… Continue reading Something Smells Like Garlic!


Putting a Face to a Name

Hello internet! Welcome to Heart and Habitat! I’ve always been interested in starting a blog and I think I’ve probably got 3-4 floating around the web from my younger years that have one or two posts on before I ran out of things to talk about because I realised that, at the time, my life… Continue reading Putting a Face to a Name